• Are you ready to build your dream business?
  • Do you know people needing your services globally?
  • Your business success can take you to the world!
  • But first you must decide to….
  • Stop allowing life to just happen!
  • Become the ARCHITECT of your success for 2015!
  • Develop clear goals, strategies and systems to follow all year long!
  • Take your ideas to implementation for immediate increase!
  • Get hands-on, CUSTOMIZED Instruction from a coach!

DSC_0199-Edit-Edit-EditIf you’re like me, you have BIG dreams! You want to be an in demand speaker. You want to build a thriving and winning business. You want to profit from your passions. You need additional revenue streams. You are ready to unleash the winner in you! Your dreams are GLOBAL!

BUT…YOU NEED HELP! Not just any help. You need HANDS ON instruction because you are

GLOBALLY AMBITIOUS!!! I hired my first coach in 2007, and my business immediately grew! I have worked with a coach almost every year since then and I can tell you, the years I didn’t have a coach, my business suffered!

Success is MUCH EASIER when you have a PARTNER! Oprah has Gayle. Jordan had Pippen. Steve has Marjorie! Well, now YOU’VE got ROBIN!

The GLOBAL AMBITION coaching program is like NO OTHER! You’ll get my winning strategies, (that afford me to be a 6 figure entrepreneur while yet still building my own empire), along with my custom designed monthly coaching modules AND a PRIVATE VIP COACHING SESSION for 60 minutes EVERY month.

That’s right! You get YOUR VERY OWN one-on-one PRIVATE, PERSONALIZED and CUSTOMIZED coaching call with ME to ensure you are on track and are accountable for your success!!!! I told you, I’ve worked with a bunch of different coaches. Some were great and some were all hype. I can tell you that working one-on-one with a coach will GREATLY enhance your level of success.

Here’s What You’ll Experience In YOUR Online
And Custom Private Coaching Program:

  • Module 1: Designing You, Inc.
  • Module 2: Branding You, Inc.
  • Module 3: Website Mayhem to Website Mania!!!
  • Module 4: Going Global! Straight from Anonymous to A List
  • Module 5: Speaker Up!
  • Module 6: Creating Partnerships and Joint Ventures that Pay YOU Well!
  • Module 7: Marketing Mastery Madness!
  • Module 8: Build a WINNING Team to Help You Grow
  • Module 9: Moving Forward

After this AMAZING course - you have the potential to reach #1 on Google like I did as a Church Hospitality Expert and ultimately become a 6 figure entrepreneur! Most of my friends told me to ditch my dreams and “go corporate” but I knew what God had spoken in my life.

If you’re like me and you know what God has spoken in your life, then GLOBAL AMBITION is for you! Yes, 2015 is going to bring you clarity like you’ve never had before.

I’ll share the many lessons, mistakes, AHA moments and methods that have brought me to this point in my life and my business.

Your Dreams are Possible! Let’s Work Together to Ensure that 2015 is your year of Increase financially, spiritually and emotionally!

  • Monthly Video Training ($4500 value)
  • Downloadable Worksheets and Handouts ($1500 value)
  • (9) 60 Minute One-on-One coaching sessions with (priceless!)
  • LIVE Group Conference Call (priceless!)
  • Private Facebook Group (priceless!)
  • Certificate of Completion and Graduation Ceremony (must attend The Success Conference) +
  • FREE VIP Registration to Success Suite LIVE ($147)
  • FREE VIP Registration to The Success Conference ($350 value)
  • and there’s more…


I’ll be hosting The Success Conference - in November 2015, and I’m going to do what most coaches will not, and that’s share the stage with 2 of my GLOBAL AMBITION students!

That’s right! For all of you in my signature program - GLOBAL AMBITION - you will have the chance to win a spot to present a 30 minute teaching at The Success Conference for Entrepreneurs.

Your name and picture will be on the flyer along with mine and very special CELEBRITY presenter!!!

The Success Conference is a 3 day conference for entrepreneurs just like you! We’ll have a special celebration for all of my coaching members! All Global Ambition coaching students receive FREE registration ($297 value), complimentary welcome reception and a graduation luncheon with Coach Robin Ware.




Full Payment
$2997One Time
  • Pay In Full
  • (SAVE $300!)
3 Month Payment
$1498.5Three Months
  • One At The First Month
  • The 2nd & 3rd At The 5th & 6th Month


  • MODULE 1

Designing You, Inc. From Your Passion(s) And Then Design A Way To Profit From It!

As we begin our 9 month journey together, I’ll work with you to help you identify your purpose so you can connect it to your passions. Now, most of us work on your vision and focus on Identifying Your Passion that you can Profit from RIGHT AWAY! We’ll use strategies to unlock your creativity so you can profit from your passions. Get ready to unlock your potential. You are getting closer to working smarter so you can live larger!

  • MODULE 2

Branding You, Inc.

Now that you’ve mastered Designing You, Inc. let’s tackle your Branding You! You’ll learn what certain colors mean and the emotions they invoke so that you properly match up your brand with your messaging. Speaking of messaging, we’ll spend a lot of time crafting your messaging so that we create YOUR 12 Ultimate Globally Ambitious tag lines for you to use throughout the entire year!

  • MODULE 3

Website Mayhem to Website Mania!!!

Having a website is just the first step to building a dream business. I’ll review your website and provide you with WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS so that your website makes dollars and sense.You’ll get a PERSONALIZED sitemap that any web developer can follow to recreate or update your existing website! You’ll learn what free offers you should have. What system created those awesome pop-ups so people QUICKLY join your email list! I’ll then take you behind the scenes of wordpress.com and show you how to master the dashboard, use and install plug-ins and widgets. This month alone is worth your entire investment in this program! If you don’t already have a website, that’s no problem! We’ll work together and create a sitemap that any web developer can easily follow to build you a website in a matter of a few days. I’ll also walk you through the secrets the pro’s know so that you can launch the best website for your bucks!

  • MODULE 4

Going Global! Straight from Anonymous to A List

It’s time to reach the world and your ideal audience. We’ll focus on identifying who your ideal audience is, how to reach your ideal audience, and then we’ll design your personal marketing strategy. You will have a 12 month plan personally crafted by you that will quickly elevate your success and put you on the path to building a 6 figure income!

  • MODULE 5

Speaker Up! Speaking for Pay and Create Products that Sell

What you know is valuable! In this module, we’ll identify what your speaking topics are and how to build your messages. In our private session, we’ll discuss leads that will help grow your business. I will introduce you to marketing steps used by the pros to generate up to an additional $1000 a month.

  • MODULE 6

Creating Partnerships and Joint Ventures that Pay YOU Well!

Let’s work together! I will select one person to do a joint venture with! That’s right! I’m going to help you launch! In this module, you’ll learn all about creating a successful partnership and JVs (joint ventures). I’ll select up to 3 people to speak at my upcoming conference!!!

  • MODULE 7

Marketing Mastery Madness!

It’s no secret that it takes successful marketing to place you in front of your ideal audience. In this module, you’ll learn some of the BIG SECRET marketing steps the pros use to make money while they sleep. Automation can be scary, but after this session, you’ll be ready to hit go, and sit back and watch your systems work for you.

  • MODULE 8

Build a WINNING Team to Help You Grow

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Now that we’re rolling with building your global brand, getting you new clients, and selling products that are generating you some additional revenue, it’s time to build a team. In this session, we’ll identify your ideal team, where to find them, and how to write job descriptions that will have them jumping at the opportunity to work with you. You’ll even have a game plan on creative ways to pay them.

  • MODULE 9

Moving Forward

Every year, your success should go higher and higher. Get ready to plan your success on purpose in this final module as we break down how you can identify when and what to move forward working on. The key is to be able to move forward on the right things and not everything. Timing is EVERYTHING.


Full Payment
$2997One Time
  • Pay In Full
  • (SAVE $300!)
3 Month Payment
$1498.5Three Months
  • One At The First Month
  • The 2nd & 3rd At The 5th & 6th Month